Kate Middleton’s royal tour outfits are some of the Duchess’s most popular outfits of all time…

Who could forget Catherine stepping off the plane in her iconic red coat, or that powder blue Catherine Walker coat. The Duchess of Cambridge is one of the world’s most popular fashion icons – whatever she wears, you can guarantee that the world wants to know!

As the pair visit countries around the world, all eyes are usually on Kate’s outfits. And it’s no surprise, as her tours abroad always see multiple outfit changes!

In recent years, Kate’s royal tour outfits have been some of her most elegant, sophisticated, and daring so far.

She and William have undertaken many royal tours over the years, travelling from Singapore to Malaysia, to India, Bhutan and France.

But most recently, the Duke and Duchess have been on a packed, whirlwind tour of Sweden and Norway. But while Catherine has had some fashion hits during the tour, some of her chosen outfits have been criticsed by fashion fans. Uh-oh!

See a collection of Kate Middleton’s royal tour outfits, and decide for yourself…