Scarlett Moffatt has been praised by fans after hitting back at cruel trolls on Twitter who called her “brain dead”.

The nasty comments about the Gogglebox star came after the 27-year-old tweeted a message of support to the thousands of teenagers who received their GSCE results this week. Reminding anyone who might not have done as well as they hoped in their exams that the results were not the ‘be all and end all’, the TV star wrote, “To anybody worrying about their GCSE results today remember that Pitbull rhymed “Kodak” with “Kodak” and he is a millionaire.”

Responding to her tweet, sports fan Joshua Hodges wrote, “And remember Scarlett Moffat made money by watching tv on tv. Anyone can be successful no matter how brain dead.”

Despite critics labelling the troll, “an embarrassing, jealous little man” other twitter users supported him with one saying, “well it’s true, there is no denying how well she has done for herself but it hasn’t come from years of studying and academic success.”

Scarlett Moffatt was quick to respond to the cruel comments, simply saying, “I have 13 A*-C GCSEs, 3 A levels and a 2:1 bachelors degree mate. But if you work hard & be kind you can achieve anything.”

Scarlett’s fans were quick to heap praise on the star with fellow TV presenter Gaby Roslin saying, “I bloody love you you gorgeous bright fabulous strong woman.”

“Imagine being that angry at Scarlett Moffatt (why tho?) that you decided to troll her, and then she bodybagged you? Sensational” wrote another fan.

Following the outpouring of support for Scarlett from friends and fans, twitter troll Hodges later claimed his original comments were “sarcasm”.

Scarlett has said no more about the incident, instead taking to Twitter to promote her new show “Streetmate” which is currently available on 4oD and airs on Channel 4 from 21st August.