Loose Women panellist Saira Khan has opened up about the dramatic moment her 11-year-old son went missing when she thought he was asleep in bed.

Saira Khan

The former Apprentice contestant detailed the moment she realised young son Zac wasn’t in the house during yesterday’s instalment of ITV’s Loose Women.

Having received a call from somebody who had reportedly seen a little boy wandering the streets, 48-year-old Saira told her husband to go check Zac’s bedroom.

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She explained hubby Steve had told her, “He’s not in bed!” to which she responded, “What do you mean?!”

The telly star continued to reveal that she later discovered that Zac had attempted to go for a play date with one of his friends.

She said, “Because he knows that mummy and daddy won’t let him out at eight o’clock in the evening he decides to walk down the stairs.

“We’re in a part of the house where we it could be burgled and you wouldn’t hear us.

“We sit in there and he climbs down in his dressing gown and with his Gruffalo slippers on, clutching a teddy and he makes his way to his friend’s house.”

She went on to add that her son had been found by a passing lady who was coming home from a book launch.

“He goes up to her and says, ‘Excuse me, could you help me get to my friend’s house?’ and the lady’s like, ‘Yes, where does she live? Why are you on your own?’

Revealing the hilarious excuse Zac gave for his evening adventures she added, “And he said, I cannot believe this, ‘My mummy and daddy have parked the car down the road, they’ve gone to Tanzania and they’ve left me in the car and I need to get to my friend’s house’!”