It was clear for all to see that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle were TOTALLY over the moon when announcing their engagement earlier this week.

The loved-up couple were positively glowing, and could barely keep their eyes off each other as they shared their happy news with the world.

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But of course, marrying in to the royal family will mark a huge change in Meghan’s life.

The actress – whose resignation from her TV show Suits has been formerly announced today – is leaving behind her life in America to become a full-time, working royal, alongside beau Harry.

And with a huge move across the pond of course comes some sacrifices. Meghan has been forced to leave behind her Toronto home. And of course, she’s now left behind her job as an actress.

However, the newest addition to the family has been forced to make one sacrifice that is sure to be the most heartbreaking of all.

It’s been confirmed that 36-year-old Meghan has had to leave one of her much-beloved dogs, Bogart, behind in the US.

Her other rescue dog, Guy, a beagle, has made the move with Meghan. The couple revealed that he’s now happily living at Kensington Palace with her and Harry.

Meghan’s beloved dogs…

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The news was confirmed by the palace. Prince Harry’s communication secretary Jason Knauf revealed, “Bogart is now living with friends.”

And in the couple’s first  TV interview, Meghan herself admitted, “I have two dogs that I’ve had for quite a long time, both my rescue pups.”

Happy Sunday 💕 #adoptdontshop

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“And one is now staying with very close friends and my other little guy is, yes he’s in the UK. He’s been here for a while. I think he’s doing just fine.”

The palace revealed that there was a degree of “complexity” around the heartbreaking decision, but that the dog has now been permanently rehomed. So. Sad.

Taking a look at Meghan’s Instagram feed, it’s clear how much she adores the pups, regularly calling them “my boys”. So it’s likely the decision must have been devastating for the new royal…

The reason why the poor little pooch needed to be left back at home isn’t clear. However, many fans have speculated that the choice may have been made due to Bogart’s age or health – and the gruelling 8-hour flight to London.

It was also confirmed recently that Meghan would have to give up her current charity roles following her engagement.

The palace revealed that she would have to give up her work with the United Nations. Also, Meghan is now required to quit her role as patron with organisations including World Vision Canada and One Young World.

Whatever the case, we’re sure Meghan made the right choice for her much-loved pups.