This Morning host Ruth Langsford gave her husband and co-host Eamonn Holmes a seriously brutal warning live on TV.

Ruth and Eamonn

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The married presenting duo who are the regular faces for Friday episodes of the ITV breakfast show are currently standing in for Monday to Thursday hosts Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield while they enjoy their summer break from the programme.

As the telly veterans began enjoying some of their usual cheeky banter, 59-year-old Ruth issued a stark warning.

On-screen Irishman Eamonn began discussing Paul Hollywood’s recent split from his younger girlfriend.

The Great British Bake Off frontman has made headlines this month after his relationship with 24-year-old Summer Monteys-Fullam ended.

The baking pro and the animal loving former barmaid reportedly called it quits after she refused to sign a non-disclosure agreement.

Commenting on the situation, 59-year-old Eamonn said, “The baker, the Great British Bake Off man, Paul Hollywood.


Ruth and Eamonn

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“He’s 53-year-old of age and everyone is outraged he’s got a girlfriend called Summer, not because she’s called Summer, but because she’s 24.”

Ever-cheeky Eamonn seemed to leave Ruth less than pleased when he joked about finding himself a younger partner.

He said, “People like you, huffing and puffing, going ‘well’. Say I ran off with a 24-year-old?”

Hitting back, Ruth responded, “Take him, seriously, he’s yours.”

When Eamonn claimed he would have a “spiteful ex” if he left Ruth, she chipped in to agree, warning him, “I would be so spiteful. You wouldn’t want me.”

Well then!

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News presenter Eamonn recently opened up about his marriage to Ruth, admitting she can be hard to live with.

Speaking on the White Wine Question Time podcast with Kate Thornton, he said, “She calls me her poet, I wouldn’t hold back on how much I would tell her I love her. She’s a very difficult person to live with because she’s illogical with a lot of things

“She is a complete panic merchant, I can’t panic people, although I love and adore her, she’s like a racehorse. You don’t know if you go up to it whether it will kick you, or bite the sugar lump out of your hand. You have no idea of what it will happen – it’s the adventure.”