The Saturdays star was slammed for her mum confession

The singer was joined by Loose Women‘s Stacey Solomon and author Giovanna Fletcher at the mummy-based event which focused on parenthood at Blackpool Tower on Tuesday.

Well, we think it’s important to discuss all aspects of being a parent – so good on you, Roch!

Rochelle Humes is pretty open when it comes to discussing her life as a busy mum-of-two. So open in fact, that she recently came under fire for discussing a rather unusual parenting technique.

Last month, the former The Saturdays star turned TV presenter revealed she will do pretty much anything to make her baby feel comfortable, including ‘sucking out the snot’ from her nose.

Yup, the singer explained that she used the *uh-hem* interesting technique after a particularly bad night with six-month-old Valentina Raine who she shares with husband, Marvin Humes.

But after revealing the ‘disgusting’ (her word) mum behaviour in an Instagram video she shared with her one million followers, the star has now revealed she faced a fair bit of criticism following the confession.

During Radio 5 live’s Mum Takeover, the 28-year-old said,  “I recently had a bit of a backlash, because – I didn’t Instagram the moment – but I did share the tale on my story.

“My little one, at the time was very young – she’s eight-months-old now – but, when she was a baby baby and she had a really bad cold.”

Rochelle – who also shares 4-year-old daughter, Alaia with Marvin – then revealed that she was left with few options, as she continued, “I’d just been through a really… interesting evening, it was about 2/3 am and she was so bunged up.

“I frantically googled what I could do. I sucked the snot out myself and it wasn’t pleasant.”

Clearly not phased by the gross confession, Rochelle then added, “I shared it with a load of mums, and it was like, “Yeah, done that before!” I received a bit of backlash, but, you know, what can you do.”

From our sister site CelebsNow – written by Naomi Bartram