Robin Williams’ wife Susan has revealed that depression didn’t killed him, but that he was suffering from a brain disorder called Lewy Body Dementia (LBD).


In an emotional interview with ABC’s Good Morning America Susan said, “It was not depression that killed Robin. Depression was one of…let’s call it 50 symptoms, and it was a small one.”

Sadly the disease was only confirmed by an autopsy AFTER his death when people actually realised the extent of what Robin had been dealing with.

LBD is the second most common neurodegenerative dementia after Alzheimer’s and symptoms include hallucinations, movement problems and depression. The condition is caused by protein deposits, called Lewy bodies, inside brain cells, which disrupt the brain’s normal function.

In a heartbreaking moment, Susan said, “I’ve spent this last year trying to find out what killed Robin. To understand what we were fighting, what we were in the trenches fighting. This was a very unique case and I pray to God that it will shed some light on Lewy bodies for the millions of people and their loved ones who are suffering with it. Because we didn’t know. He didn’t know.’


Robin, 63, had also recently been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. She said, ‘He was keeping it together as best as he could, but the last month, he could not. It was like the dam broke.’ Susan claims Robin was struggling under the weight of these illnesses and it wasn’t just depression that killed the actor.

RIP Robin, you are sadly, sadly missed.


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