When Robbie Williams isn’t performing to thousands of fans, whether as a soloist or as a future returning member of Take That, he’s being a dad to daughter Teddy, five, and son Charlie, aged three, who he has with wife and Loose Women guest panellist Ayda Field.

On the release of his new book, Reveal, we find out what life is really like for the 43-year-old pop star parent…

“We take it in turns to be the strictest. Teddy was the dream – she quickly worked out that she didn’t want to be in a ‘time out’ and to not be in a time out you have to calm down and say sorry. Charlie doesn’t give a sh*t! We don’t have to be strict with Ted because she listens, but with Charlie I’m scared because I don’t want a two-hour ordeal – but we also don’t want to raise an out-of-control lunatic.

“I’ll be protective of Teddy when she brings home a boyfriend.

“I know what boys want! It might be naive of me but I think Ted will make good decisions. It’s another bridge that I’ll cross when I get there but of course I’ll be worried, protective and very northern when he arrives .

“Whatever has happened to me while being down south – my accent and the edges falling off – will be reassembled like a Transformer! 

“Ted’s heartbeat from her sonogram is actually on one of my songs. It’s on the Take the Crown album and I’ve recorded other things with my kids talking but it’s on unreleased stuff.  

“My daughter is a born performer and I’m very happy about it!

“She came out of the womb with jazz hands and I want to go take her to see Matilda and Bugsy Malone. It’s a good job and a nice life and hopefully I can help her avoid the pitfalls that I’ve fallen down.”

Bless – we never knew Robbie was such a softie!