Richard Madeley has revealed he’s been plagued with ‘excruciating back pain’ after popping a disc in 1980, so he’s ruled out appearing on Strictly Come Dancing.

Reflecting on the day he did the damage, Richard said, ‘I had just knocked out a brink fireplace in the Yorkshire cottage my first wife and I had moved into and piled all the rubble into a dustbin, right up to the brim.

Then I hefted it onto one hip, which meant my spine twisted into an S-bend under the stupendous weight.’ Having suffered on and off since then, Judy Finnigan’s husband won’t be joining the Strictly line-up any time soon. “There’s one thing I can’t do – Strictly,” he explained.

“I know what would happen. I’d have to do a lift. And even if my partner was as light as a bird, my back would give way and I’d be sprawling on the ground on the live show.

“There’s another reason, of course. I’d kill my family. With my very first dance. They’d die of embarrassment!”

Such a shame – we reckon Richard would be a strong contender on the Strictly dance floor!

While Richard’s health may not be in tip top condition right now, his wife Judy is in the best shape she’s been in for years. The presenter has actually lost a whopping five stone over the past few years.

Judy’s daughter Chloe Madeley, 30, shared the secrets behind Judy’s stunning weight loss.

Speaking with the Loose Women panel, she said , “You learn as you grow up that your parents are adults too. They are stubborn.

“Dad’s always been quite naturally physically active, he’ll go for walks, he’ll bike ride, he hikes a lot in Cornwall.

“And mum just isn’t interested, she’s just not interested.

“But I have to say, her diet now is amazing. Naturally, her palate has changed, she’s gotten really into sushi, raw fish, big multigrain salads and she’s dropped loads of weight just naturally from changing the old meat and potatoes to something healthier.”