In the wake of the Harvey Weinstein sex scandal, celebrities have continued to share their own personal stories and opinions.

As a result of the allegations, a new hashtag – #MeToo – has emerged on social media, aiming to expose the seriousness and sheer magnitude of the problem.

However, some celebrities are taking the issues at hand far less seriously, including Richard Madly, who made a risky decision when he joked about the situation.

It comes not long after James Corden was forced to apologise for making jokes about Weinstein. These ‘jokes’ have been taken very seriously, with some suggesting that they could serious damage his future career.

Richard’s decision to make light of the situation is perhaps even more surprising given his wife, Judy, opened up about how she was harassed by a house hold TV boss because of the Weinstein scandal.

The 61-year-old was hosting the Pinktober Gala at the Dorchester Hotel when he made the inappropriate comments.

According to The Sun, Richard was describing a raffle prize of a Mayfair spa stay which came with the option of a massage.

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He said: “Also included you can choose from the following 60 minute treatments. Personalised facial. Relaxing body massage – Harvey Weinstein will not be present.”

The joke was reportedly met by groans to which Richard replied: “I would’ve thought by the time you were there reserving the prize he would be in jail.”

While James has since formally apologised for his comments, Richard has not yet made any public statement.