Rugby star James Haskell was left embarrassed after father-in-law Richard Madeley revealed on live television that the sportsman paints his own toenails.

Good Morning Britain presenter Richard Madeley revealed his son-in-law James Haskell’s grooming secret to the nation as the show kicked off a debate about male grooming.

James, who married to Richard and Judy’s daughter, Chloe Madeley, last year, had been on the show earlier that morning to talk about his retirement from playing professional rugby.

But James inadvertently found himself caught up in the next segment of the breakfast show when Richard revealed that the sportsman likes to paint his own toenails.

James Haskell on Good Morning Britain

To make things even more unfair, James had already left the studio and wasn’t there to defend his tough guy reputation.

TV presenter Richard Madeley has become infamous for coming out with classic one-liners either during an interview or while presenting the early morning show, and it seems even his own family aren’t safe from his cringe moments.

He told viewers, “I don’t think my son-in-law James would mind me saying this, but he paints his toenails. Yes, he does. He paints his toenails.”

Richard Madeley on Good Morning Britain

This surprising revelation into James’s personal grooming habits came after the rugby star appeared on the show to talk about his sporting career, but also got on to the subject of what happened the first time he met Chloe’s parents.

Earlier in the show, James admitted that he was terrified the first time he met Richard and Judy after being invited round to their house for Boxing Day dinner early in his relationship with their daughter.

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James said, “Obviously they are TV legends and part of the heritage, and so when Chloe invited me to her parents’ for dinner I was nervous.

Richard Madeley interviews James Haskell on Good Morning Britain

“It was brilliant until I was told Richard was running the ship and doing all the work in the kitchen. I went in to say hello and he told me to clear off, but he didn’t use the word ‘clear’.

“I went back and told Chloe, thinking this was a bad idea, but she told me he does that to everyone when he is cooking!”