Richard Madeley hasn’t proved too popular with many Good Morning Britain viewers this week, especially after telling a pretty awkward joke that fell flat in the studio.

The presenter – who has been standing in for Piers Morgan over the past few days – tried to make a quip about a news story surrounding a US TV preacher who has asked his followers to help him fund his fourth private jet.

Jesse Duplantis says God told him to buy the aircraft but his request has sparked controversy, with many Twitter users suggesting the money could be put to more worthier causes.

And Richard, 62, was keen to make a quip about it all when he said during Thursday’s GMB: “I bet every single one of the Reverend’s planes leaves a very big con-trail.”

Unfortunately co-hosts Ranvir Singh and Sean Fletcher failed to see the funny side and a tumbleweed seemed to go by as they simply cringed at Richard’s remark.

Viewers at home were also unimpressed by the comment, with one tweeting: “Was that a joke that Richard Madeley tried to make? #confused”

Others called the awkward moment “cringey” and “embarrassing”, whilst another posted: “Richard Madley is so cringeworthy”

Many have even called for Piers and usual co-host Susanna Reid to return from their break early.

“@piersmorgan get back on #GMB it’s awful with this bloke. This Richard Madeley is just a yes man,” one viewer wrote on Twitter, and one added: “Bring back Piers and that is not something I want to say”

It’s not the first time Richard has caused controversy on the show this week, having divided viewers when he prematurely ended an interview with defence secretary Gavin Williamson live on air.

He also had a rather baffling moment where he tried to explain his unusual method of eating chocolate digestive biscuits…

Richard Madeley demonstrates his very particular way of eating chocolate digestives, which he’s stuck to for the past 30 years! 😂😂 #nationalbiscuitday

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Well Richard has certainly got people talking anyway!