Richard and Judy were undeniably one of the most popular presenting pairs of recent times. They were the original Holly and Phil, starting their TV careers long before the likes of Ant and Dec and Mel and Sue.

The pair, who are married in real-life, dominated the TV scene back in the 90s. They were part of the success of current daytime favourite This Morning. The couple presented the show from 1988 – 2001, before Philip Schofield even got a look in!

Fans even took to nicknaming This Morning as Richard and Judy, they were so synonymous with the programme.

And the hosts proved so popular that later they even started their own show, Richard and Judy, on Channel 4.

So, it’ll come as a shock to fans that the pair presenting together is a sight we may never see on our screens ever again.

Live on a recent episode of Good Morning Britain, which Richard Madeley is currently co-hosting, he made the shocking admission that ‘Richard and Judy’ are “over”.

The presenter was chatting to Love Island stars Kem and Amber. The couple have temporarily taken over the entertainment presenting slot on the show in Richard Arnold’s absence. Following their appearance, one viewer touted them as the new Richard and Judy – and of course, he had a lot to say about that.

Far from missing their lengthy stint on daytime TV, Richard admitted that the pair are ‘finished’ as joint presenters. And he even revealed that his wife Judy Finnigan couldn’t be happier with the decision.

He confessed, “That’s fine with me, we ran our course. We did our time.”

Speaking about his wife, Richard continued, “She’s not interested in broadcasting anymore. He then dramatically declared, “Richard and Judy are over.”

Richard and Judy now…

Richard and Judy have been married for over 30 years now, and spent much of their early careers together. But the couple have taken separate paths in recent years. Judy has continued to focus on her popular romance novels, while Richard also writes novels and has a show on Radio 2.

However the duo do often come together again to run their Richard and Judy book club, which proved hugely popular with fans.

Richard, 61, and Judy, 69, are now often spotted relishing their free time together. They’re regularly pictured spending time at their local pub, or on a jaunt in the countryside together.

So although we won’t be seeing them together again on-screen, off-screen? It appears everything is going pretty swimmingly for this couple.