Following the news that Princess Eugenie is set to marry her boyfriend of seven years, social media has seen a outpouring of sympathy for Princess Beatrice.

The elder sister is just 29. But the news of Eugenie’s impending wedding has left some Twitter users wondering when Beatrice will find her ‘Mr Right’.

Princess Beatrice did appear to be the frontrunner for getting engaged first until recently.

The royal princess dated American Dave Clark for over 10 years. But the pair split in August 2016 – only for Dave to propose to his new advertising exec girlfriend just months later. Ouch.

And now, following the news that her younger sister is going to be married, Twitter users have taken to expressing their thoughts on Beatrice’s current love life.

Many have pointed to the fact that Bea is apparently the ‘last single royal’  – writing that they ‘feel’ for the Princess.

Now, while we’re sure Beatrice isn’t too bothered about the comparisons between her and her younger sister – the heartfelt sentiment shows Twitter users certainly have their heart in the right place.

One wrote, ‘#PrincessEugenie is engaged. But I do feel sorry for unlucky in love #PrincessBeatrice. When will her Prince Charming come? Or even Mr Right?’

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And another said, ‘I can relate to Princess Beatrice soooo much. Everyone around me is getting married or having babies and I’m like single af. I’m gonna have all the FEELS when Beatrice finally meets her match. She’s my new royal fave…’ The same user commented, ‘I’m rooting for Princess Beatrice to find love.’

A third Twitter user delivered a tounge-in-cheek comment about the Princess, making reference to her past relationship.

They wrote, ‘A moment for Princess Beatrice, who split from her boyfriend of TEN. YEARS. in 2016 (only to see him get engaged 6 months later) and now has to find TWO ugly “occasion hats” to wear to her cousin and younger sister’s weddings in 2018.’

Despite the public’s concern, we’re sure that Beatrice wishes her sister all the happiness in the world.

While Beatrice hasn’t pubicly congratulated her sis on her engagement, they did spend the entire weekend together at Sandringham. And Princess Eugenie shared in a recent interview with The One Show that the engagement had already happened by this time. It’s most likely that Princess Beatrice had already sunk a few glasses of champers celebrating with her excited younger sibling by this time.

We couldn’t possibly predict when ‘Prince Charming’ will come along. But, in the meantime, we’re sure she’s just enjoying her life as a royal.

Because let’s face it, do you really need a husband when you’re a real-life Princess?