Princess Diana once had two big Hollywood stars fighting over her.

Musician Elton John, who was close friends with Princess Diana, has opened up about the late royal, revealing that she once had two big Hollywood stars fighting over her.

In a personal essay he wrote for MailOnline, the Can You Feel The Love Tonight hitmaker spoke about when he was working on the Lion King film back in the nineties he and now-husband David Furnish threw a dinner party for head of Disney Jeffrey Katzenberg.

“I asked if there was anyone they really wanted to meet,’ said Elton. “Straight away, they said: ‘Princess Diana.’

princess diana hollywood stars fighting

Princess Diana and Elton John together (Credit: Getty)

“So we invited her, George Michael, Richard Curtis and his wife Emma Freud, Richard Gere and Sylvester Stallone, all of whom were in the country at the time.”

He then went on to explain that Pretty Woman actor Richard Gere and Rocky star Sylvester Stallone ended up in a fight over Princess Diana.

“Straight away, Richard Gere and Diana seemed very taken with each other,” said Elton.

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“She was separated from Charles by this point, and Richard had broken up with Cindy Crawford. They ended up sitting in front of the fireplace together, locked in rapt conversation.

“As the rest of us chatted, I couldn’t help notice a strange atmosphere in the room,” continued the musician. “Judging by the kind of looks he kept shooting them, Diana and Richard Gere’s newly blossoming friendship was not going down well with Sylvester Stallone at all.

“I think he may have turned up to the party with the express intention of picking Diana up, only to find his plans for the evening ruined.”

princess diana hollywood stars fighting

Actor Richard Gere (Credit: Getty)

The musical legend went on to explain that the two actors went missing after dinner was served.

“I asked David to go and find them. He came back with both of them, but he was wearing a fairly ashen expression.

“‘Elton,’ he mumbled. ‘We have . . . a situation.’”

He then revealed that the two stars had been found “squaring up to each other” about to get into a physical fight.

After revealing that “Sylvester stormed off home” following the meal, snapping “‘I never would have come, ‘if I’d known Prince f***in’ Charming was gonna be here,” Elton said that Princess Diana was “still gazing raptly” at Richard and “seemed completely unruffled”.

princess diana hollywood stars fighting

Rocky star Sylvester Stallone (Credit: Getty)

“Maybe she hadn’t realised what was happening,’ he added. “Or maybe stuff like that happened all the time and she was used to it.”

“After she died, people started talking about something called the Diana Effect, meaning the way she managed to change the public’s attitudes to the Royal Family, or to Aids or bulimia or mental health. But every time I heard the phrase, I thought about that night.

“There was definitely another kind of Diana Effect: one that could bring Hollywood superstars to the verge of a punch-up over her, like a couple of love-struck teenage idiots.”