Penny Thornton, astrologer to the late Princess Diana, has predicted that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s soon-to-be born baby will be “adventurous, quirky and unconventional”

Speaking to PEOPLE, Thornton predicted what was written in the stars for Meghan and Harry’s mini royal, saying that baby Sussex, who is due next month, is expected to find a “kindred spirit” in big cousin Prince Louis.

“He or she will be very forthright, sporty, adventurous, independent and extrovert – when you are creating a family, your child will share your characteristics and your astrological handprint will be on there,” said the astrologer, who is the founder of online astrology encyclopaedia

Thornton predicted that 37-year-old Meghan’s first-born is likely to arrive under Taurus, making he or she “Very stable, steadfast and predictable, likes things that are real and lasting,” she added.

The baby is set to have some sweet connections to its family members too, as he’s likely to share a star sign with cousin Prince Louis and great-grandmother Queen Elizabeth.

And while this certainly isn’t a conventional birth we’re talking about, according to the stars, baby Sussex won’t be your typical Taurean, either. “This baby will be very bright and experimental – he or she will be not be able to fit into any template – Taureans like to conform and this child is a non-conformist,” said Thornton.

“Prince Louis has a Sun-Uranus conjunction [also] so I think Louis and Baby Sussex will be kindred spirits,” she said of what is doubtless to become our new favourite royal duo.

Though Meghan’s due date has not yet been confirmed by the palace, bookies slashed odds earlier this week that baby Sussex will arrive just in time to see in great-grandmother the Queen’s 93rd birthday on April 21.

According to Ladbrokes, odds are at a 6/1 chance of the baby being named after his or her late grandmother Diana, with the name Victoria coming in closely behind at 8/1.

We can’t wait!

Words by: Kate McCusker.