They say a picture paints a thousand words...

She may be seventh-in-line to the throne, but a new letter penned by Princess Beatrice could reveal that she still has her sights firmly set on the most coveted role in the British royal family.

The 30-year-old has lent her support to an anti-bullying campaign posing for the cover of CHAOS Be Cool Be Nice book and including a handwritten note which urges others to ‘inspire others to be kind’ in order to ‘change the world’.

And while there’s nothing unusual about members of the royal family backing good causes, a closer look at the note could hint at a Beatrice’s potential royal ambition.

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Just like the Queen the Princess has her very owned monogrammed notepaper. We will leave you to decide what the bee wearing a crown may symbolise, but what we do know for certain is that Beatrice has made no secret of looking up to her grandmother.
Speaking during at interview with Hello magazine during last month’s Invictus Games she gushed: “I find my grandmother inspiring every day because her overwhelming sense of duty is linked with an overwhelming curiosity.
“Every day she’s curious to learn something new, to do something new and I think that at 91 years old, she goes out into the community with a genuine curiosity as to how she can be a force for good in the world. She also looks for ways in which she can inspire communities, and I admire the way that she works so hard.”
And while Beatrice argued in the same interview that her patronage of children’s causes is partly due to the fact that “I feel like a child..”, last year a senior member of the Queen’s court told The Mail on Sunday that the Queen is keen to carve out a concrete role for Princesses Beatrice and Eugenie as adults within the royal family.
“The Queen adores the girls and is keen for them to have some kind of a role,” said the source. “Charles’s vision for a streamlined family is all very well, but how can the Royal Family do everything it currently does with just five players?”
We say, watch this space…