Prince William might have missed Kate Middleton’s birthday yesterday when he visited the London Air Ambulance, but it looks like he’s not coming back to Kensington Palace empty handed.

However, instead of bringing his wife a gift, William revealed the sweet present he’ll be passing on to five-year-old son George.

During his royal visit, two adorable kids presented him with a tiny toy helicopter perfect for the future king.

Prince William told his royal fans, “I can’t go back without a helicopter for George, I’d be in trouble,” reported the Sunday Times.

He also thought of eight-month-old baby Louis after he was given a cuddly toy, admitting, “Louis will be chewing that before long.”

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And the kids didn’t forget three-year-old Princess Charlotte either, as they put together a number of colourful cards, with the Duke adding, “Charlotte’s going to love this. That’s amazing. Thank you so much!” AW!

While Prince William made his first public engagement of the year to learn about the work and challenges of London’s Air Ambulance Charity, Kate is said to have spent her 37th birthday relaxing at home with the George, Charlotte, and Louis.

And he might not have been at home to celebrate with his wife, but the Duke made sure his fans knew he definitely didn’t forget her big day.

When he was presented with a card for his wife during his visit, he replied, “Well done for remembering,” then added, “I did remember this morning, so that was okay!”

And after one fan quizzed him about what he had bought Kate as a gift, he laughed off the question.

Kensington Palace also posted a tribute to The Duchess, tweeting, “Thank you everyone for all your lovely messages on The Duchess of Cambridge’s birthday”, along with a balloon emoji.