It’s been a busy few weeks in the Cambridge household recently – following the announcement of the Duchess of Cambridge’s third pregnancy, the family have also had to contend with the scary news of an intruder at son Prince George’s school, just a week after his first day there.

But luckily it seems things are quickly returning to normal for the famous royal family, as the Duke of Cambridge has been seen out at a range of royal engagements.

Most recently, the Prince paid a visit to the Aintree University Hospital in Liverpool, where he commented on the recent events, saying “It’s been an interesting week”.

However, speaking about his son’s landmark first day at school, Prince William admitted to being surprised by how well Prince George was taking to primary school.

He said, “We are all seeing how long that lasts before he doesn’t want to go!

“George has been really easy. He hasn’t said, ‘Have I got to do this for the rest of my life?”

But despite being the future King of England, Prince William confessed that he certainly isn’t the one in charge at home. Speaking to elderly patients in the Frailty Assessment Unit, he admitted that it’s his young children, Charlotte and George, who really run the show at Kensington Palace.

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Presumably like all parents of small children, William admitted, “George rules the roost but Charlotte isn’t far behind!”

And when chatting to a patient, Pagan Tordengrove, the Duke said about his two-year-old daughter Princess Charlotte, “I think she’s going to be trouble when she’s older. All fathers say that.”

It’s not the first time William has hinted at just how cheeky his and Catherine’s two little children are. When Princess Charlotte was born back in May 2015, William revealed in an interview with Sky News that it was far more responsibility dealing with two kids, especially given that George is such a “little monkey”.
And back in March of this year, one mum, Samantha Burge, who met the Duchess of Cambridge revealed that “Kate said that Charlotte is growing up really fast” she admitted, “she is the one in charge.”
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