And no, it's not because he'll take the throne before him...

Looking at pictures of Prince William and Prince George, it’s clear that the father/son duo are super-close.

The pair look like two peas in a pod – and little George always makes sure to stick close to his father’s side when out and about.

William is always there to make sure little George is okay…

Could they get any cuter?

But it doesn’t mean that the father and son don’t have the occassional grumble, of course. Like any child/parent relationship, the four-year-old and his royal dad undeniably have a few conflicts. And it’s no surprise, as the Prince and Catherine have often spoken about how cheeky young George is!

And according to Wills, there was one moment a few years ago where George simply couldn’t contain the green-eyed monster.

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The Duke of Cambridge recently attended a fundraising event at the Defence National Rehabilitation Centre.

Photo by Joel Goodman/LNP/REX/Shutterstock

He was there in his capacity as patron for the initiative. And at the black tie dinner, the Prince also delivered a speech.

Speaking about his recent visits to the site, he admitted, “I have been repeatedly impressed by both the speed and ambitious scale of this endeavour.”

But William also revealed that one trip in particular didn’t sit very well with little George.

He explained, “I was present at the end of 2014, when the first building was demolished to make way for the new construction.

“George was very envious as I got to drive a digger.”

Aww! So. sweet.

George’s favourite things…

The Duke has been pretty open about George’s love of all things mechanical in the past. At one event, William was shown a life-sized model of a Lego McLaren car.

Clearly in awe, he said, “Wow! My son would love this!

“My son’s very into Lego and he’d love this: it’s incredible!”

Don’t worry George – we’re sure that you’ll get the chance to ride a digger some day. Hey, mum and dad might even get you one of your own – if you ask very nicely…