The potential cause of the ‘feud’ between brothers Prince William and Prince Harry has been revealed by a royal expert.

Rumours of a rift between the royal brothers, who are the sons of Prince Charles and the late Princess Diana, have been rife over the past years.

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Suspicions that the once close brothers have fallen out were seemingly confirmed when Prince Harry opened up about his relationship with Prince William in his and Meghan’s recent documentary, Harry and Meghan: An African Journey.

In the candid chat, Harry admitted that he and William are on “different paths” and refused to deny a rift between the two of them.

Now, royal expert Victoria Arbiter has explained the potential causes of the break down of the brothers’ tight bond.

Speaking to 9Honey, Arbiter said, “There’s been a lot of speculation that some of it started because Prince William, although he very much liked Meghan, and he loved seeing Harry happy with Meghan, he was concerned that perhaps things were moving at quite such a fast pace.

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“That’s simply coming from the protective brother point of view.

“When they lost their mother, William stepped up even more to be the protective older brother, he’s always looked out for Harry.”

Looking at the way Harry’s past relationships panned out, she added, “And you have to remember both Chelsy Davey and Cressida Bonas said, ‘Look, Harry, I’m crazy about you but I don’t want any part of this circus,’ so I think William was trying to be protective.

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“Meghan comes from another country, [so perhaps William said] ‘does she know what she’s getting in to?’, ‘do you know her well enough to know that she’s up to this?’, ‘there’s going to be tremendous pressure, have you both thought about this?’

“But of course, anyone who is in love, nobody wants their relationship questioned, so I think we also have two very stubborn brothers here and the chances are they were both bashing heads a little bit and things got a little contentious.”