Given how long it is taking for an official engagement to Meghan Markle to be announced, the question of ‘is Prince Harry baby ready?’ can almost certainly be dismissed.

But, we reckon if and when Harry and Meghan finally tied the knot and decided to have children, he would make a brilliant dad.

You only have to see the pictures of him in Denmark with an adorable little toddler to decide for yourselves.

prince harry baby

Prince Harry was on a two-day trip to Denmark’s capital city, Copenhagen, and was distracted by the giggling little-one in the crowd.

He held onto the little girl’s tiny feet and posed with the mother and child for a picture.

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The rest of the crowd looked on at Prince Harry and the child, smiling and taking their own photos of the super cute moment.

Prince Harry is visiting Denmark at the request of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office. It is hoped he can encourage a positive relationship to continue with the UK during the Brexit negotiations.

The 33-year-old royal kicked off the trip with a drinks reception before meeting with Queen Margrethe at the Palace of Amalienborg. He also visited charities and start-up businesses who focus on achieving social change.

Ever the charmer, Prince Harry also impressed a crowd as he spoke a few words in Danish. For his second day in Denmark Prince Harry will join Prince Joachim to visit a project supporting Danish armed forces veterans.

The British and Danish Royals are related through the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip. The royal family have been touring Europe to build good relations following Brexit. Next month Prince William will visit Finland and he and the Duchess of Cambridge are scheduled to g to Norway and Sweden early next year.