Prince Harry and Michelle Obama are clearly firm friends – as evidenced by the amount of heart warming photos and videos that seems to circulate of them.

In fact, Hazza and the entire Obama clan seem to be pretty tight. Former President Barack even showed up to Harry’s Toronto Games earlier this month to show his support.

Michelle and the royal also appeared in lots of interviews together when she was a part of The Invictus Games. And they totally seemed to get along like a house on fire!

The last time the gang were altogether was actually back in April 2016, when the Obama’s visited Kate, Wills and Harry at Kensington Palace during a trip abroad.

But while Barack and Harry were only together last month, Prince Harry and Michelle Obama last met up in May 2016, when she launched the Invictus Games in Orlando, Florida.

But since then, the pair haven’t been spotted out and about together – sob.

However, it seems that that’s all about to change, as Harry is heading back to the States for the inaugural summit of the Obama Foundation – where he’ll be reunited with good friend Michelle!

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According to People, Harry will be reunited with old pal Michelle in Chicago on 31st October. Reportedly, Harry will discuss the power of youth leadership to bring about change at the event.

He’ll be promoting the Full Effect project, an initiative that gives opportunities to young people.

The Obama’s and Harry also starred in an hilarious video to promote the Invictus Games, with a cameo from none other than the Queen herself!

The tounge-in-cheek clip clearly showed off the close bond between the royal and the Obama’s. And quite frankly, we loved it too!

We defy you to watch and not laugh…

Barack and Harry’s enduring friendship…

Of course, Barack and Harry had a catch-up just a few weeks ago at Harry’s Invictus Games in Toronto.

The pair sat together to watch the basketball during the games. And one lucky bystander managed to overhear the pair’s conversation during the event.

Haley Stove spoke to the Sunday People about what she heard. She told, “Obama asked about Meghan and Harry let him know she had been to watch the tennis with him.

“Obama also asked about her filming the TV series Suits and how it was going. Harry asked Obama about his wife Michelle and how she was doing. Then he said, ‘Send my love to Michelle.’”