There are very few Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pictures, especially considering how often Harry greets Meg at the airport. And, this is why…

They are currently one of the world’s most talked about couples. But, despite the occasional stolen moments between the couple, captured by prying photographers while they try and live their lives as normally as possible, there are very few Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pictures.

one of the few Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pictures

One of the few Prince Harry and Meghan Markle pictures, showing the couple embracing after Meg watched Harry compete in a Polo match

Considering the frequency of Meghan’s trips to London to see Harry, you might have thought that the couple would have been snapped a few more times by now.

Prince Harry’s plan

However, thanks to an insider at Heathrow airport, we now know how the loved-up couple have been seeing each other in secret all this time! It appears that Prince Harry has come up with an elaborate plan to whisk his love away each time she touches down in London to visit him.

“It’s been happening for a while” the source revealed. “Harry has a police escort on the tarmac in his black Audi RS6. He is accompanied by a bodyguard, with a people carrier following behind.”

“Meghan usually only carries hand luggage. If she does check a suitcase into the hold it is put on last so it can be located as quickly as possible. All the necessary security checks must be carried out in advance or onboard because she walks straight from the plane steps to Harry’s car.”

Harry’s special plans to keep Meghan’s visits secret were all his invention. Usually, when the royals have special guests visiting them in the UK, who they don’t want to have photographed and harassed on their way through Heathrow airport, they make use of the specially created ‘Windsor Suite’.

The Windsor Suite is where “VIPs are escorted directly to their aircraft after being security-screened away from the masses.”

So, why hasn’t Meghan been treated to the VIP treatment in the airport’s special Suite? Well, apparently the Windsor Suite costs £3,000 to run every time it’s used! So, it’s no wonder Harry had to come up with an alternative solution.

The couple are clearly willing to go to extreme lengths to protect their privacy. But, with rumours of an engagement circulating, how long will that last? Only time will tell.