Pregnant former Emmerdale star Hayley Tamaddon has revealed she was forced to sit on the train floor for hours.

Hayley Tamaddon

Hayley, who is seven months pregnant, said no one was prepared to give up their seat despite her due date being just months away. 

The actress was travelling from London to Manchester and had a first class ticket booked, but was forced to get on a later train because hers was cancelled.

Hayley tweeted: “Hey @VirginTrains had quite the rotten journey home to Manc today as my 1pm was cancelled from Euston.

“At 7 months pregnant I sat outside the toilet for the whole journey.

“Staff were amazing by the way but as I had a 1st class ticket I’d like my money back. How do I do this?”

After horrified fans tweeted her to say how shocked they were, she added, “People barged past me in the carriage to get a seat! I had no chance! I sat outside the toilet with a nice man and his two kids and lots of other people’s luggage. A bit crazy but I coped. @VirginTrains Staff were lovely though!!”

The actress also found herself hitting back at trolls who replied to her initial tweet with snarky comments.

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“Shock. Celebrity (?)  who is one of the people (?) has a first class ticket and can’t sit down. Join the rest of us love. You’re not special because you are pregnant. using twitter to gain some sympathy/ money back is very low. Grow up and get on with it,” someone commented on her tweet. 

Defiantly, she simply tweeted back: “Why do you follow me?”

Back in April Hayley announced she was expecting her first baby by posting an adorable picture of her cradling her bump on Instagram with the caption, “I’m so pleased to tell you all I’m expecting my first child with my wonderful boyfriend Adrian!!

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“I’ve always wanted to be a mum and didn’t think I could have children. And now, at the ripe old age of 42 — I’M PREGNANT! We couldn’t be happier.”

During a recent appearance on Lorraine she then accidentally let slip she is expecting a baby boy.

At the end of her chat with Lorraine, Hayley promised, “I’ll bring him… or her to see you,” before screaming.

She continued, “I think I might have just told you what it is!”