Good Morning Britain viewers are used to seeing Piers Morgan and Susanna Reid argue on air but it’s nothing compared to their backstage rows, according to Piers.

The 53-year-old has revealed that the secret to his chemistry with Susanna is the fact that they have huge disagreements behind the scenes.

“I’m always trying to goad her into saying what she really means about stuff,” said Piers. “She’s a tough cookie. If she doesn’t like something I’ve done she’ll tell me straight away.

“I like it. There’s no mucking around. We don’t let things simmer. We just spit it out: ‘You were really rude and annoying’, ‘you stop bloody interrupting’. It really is like being married.”

Despite often coming to blows with Susanna, 47, Piers has insisted that he has an excellent relationship with his GMB colleagues.

“I love winding people up,” the presenter told The Sun Online. “I feel really lucky that everyone I work with on this show I really like. That’s very unusual. I’ve worked with some horror stories over the years.”

Susanna has backed Piers’ revelation about how they clash when they’re not on screen, having tweeted about the claims: “We don’t just row in front of camera…”

Piers has compared their relationship to a ‘weird onscreen marriage with all the best and worst bits of marriage all woven into one’, but he doubts that wife Celia Walden would ever get jealous of their occasional flirting.

“She’d drive me to the homes if she thought there was any chance of getting rid of me,” the dad-of-four joked.

Piers and Susanna have been presenting Good Morning Britain together since Piers joined the ITV show back in 2015.

The duo often disagree on things and Susanna was forced to defend presenting alongside her co-host over the summer when some Twitter trolls called for her to leave the show.

Susanna tweeted back in July: “Half my critics think I should leave MY paid employment because THEY take issue with the person sitting next to me. The other half think I should leave, BECAUSE I take issue with the person sitting next to me. I’m staying right where I am”