Piers Morgan engaged in a furious debate with a guest who objected to LGBT+ teaching in schools on Good Morning Britain.

Never one to shy away from a controversial topic, the presenter invited Dilly Hussain, a journalist with credits for Al Jazeera and HuffPost UK, onto the show, where Hussain objected to LGBTQ+ teaching on the basis of its conflicts with his Muslim faith.

The topic has been a heated one, following on from controversies at Parkfield school in Birmingham, a primary school that paused the introduction of its No Outsiders programme to teach about the existence of LGBTQ+ relationships after protests and school withdrawals from parents.

Piers’ co-host Susanna Reid reinforced that the lessons did not focus on sexualising relationships, but instead teaching that children with two mothers or fathers were not “outsiders”, as the programme’s name suggests.

Hussain criticised the “lack of transparency” in the programme being a major objection from parents, and argued that whilst homosexuality was a sin according to the standpoint of his faith, it, “doesn’t mean we can’t co-exist in peace with people of different sexualities”.

This angered dad-of-three Piers, who argued that the protests were, “driven by homophobia, which is not peaceful, it’s an aggressive act”.

Sir Michael Wilshaw, former Chief Inspector of Schools In England at Ofsted was another member of the panel, who said these lessons were important as they teach children, as an example, not to use ‘gay’ as an insulting term.

Susanna also added that while it’s not just Muslim parents who would believe homosexuality is a sin, the point of the lessons was to teach that it wasn’t.

Piers later reinforced his view on Twitter, writing, “It’s neither a sin nor a choice, and Britain should be unashamedly reinforcing that view to all our kids.”


Words: Alec Evans