Love him or loathe him, you’d be hard pressed to deny that Piers Morgan has carved out a successful career for himself in journalism.

If he’s not presenting Good Morning Britain alongside co-host Susanna Reid, he’s travelling off to America to interview some of the world’s most terrifying criminals.

He’s interviewed a range of killers for his various ITV series, including Killer Women.

And it seems his part-time gig speaking to hardened criminals may have sparked the idea of a career change in Piers.

So could he be ditching his career for a new life in the crime sector?

He confessed, “I think I would be a detective or a lawyer if I wasn’t a journalist.

“I find it very intriguing and trying to unravel them and nail them, that must be very satisfying.

“When they get these cold cases, and they can’t solve them, and then DNA comes in and you can nail them, it must be great. And to say to the families, we’ve got him, it’s like a journalist getting the scoop.”

Piers has yet again braved the depths of the criminal system with a brand new series, Serial Killer with Piers Morgan.

In the new ITV series, he headed to the Blackwater Correctional Facility in Florida. He was there to speak to a man, Mark Riebe, who had previously admitted to murdering 13 women. However, he’s since retracted his confessions.

And although Piers appears ruthless on screen, he’s admitted that being face-to-face with that kind of guy was pretty daunting.

He confessed, “The armed guard is 20 feet away and you’re winding this guy up, it is quite unnerving.

“He just had a switch when he would snap and explode, he tried to walk out a few times. There is no obligation for him to stay, so it a case of cat and mouse.”

We wonder if Piers will pack in the day job? 

Serial Killer with Piers Morgan airs Thursday 16th November, ITV, 9pm.