It seems Piers Morgan's bug-bear with Meghan Markle is set to continue, as the GMB host has hit out at her over Donald Trump's UK visit.

The controversial presenter, writing in his Mail Online column, criticised the Duchess for staying at home during the royal family engagements with Trump, but choosing to attend Trooping the Colour at the end of his week in the UK.

An angry Piers explained his belief that it’s Meghan’s ‘duty’ to be there – and that staying at home shouldn’t have been an option.

He said, “I’m sorry, but bunking off at home is simply not an option for ANY senior member of the Royal Family.

“By doing so, she was not just giving the metaphorical bird to Trump, as she would have most definitely wanted to do, she was giving it to his host the Queen, her country who he is representing, and the country whom she now represents.”

However, of course, the Duchess of Sussex is currently on maternity leave, having welcomed her baby son Archie only a month ago. So perhaps her non-attendance was due to that, rather than Trump, Piers…?

The divisive GMB host went on to criticise Meghan’s appearance at Trooping the Colour on Saturday, where she debuted a new ring, just days after Donald and his wife Melania had departed the UK.

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He argued, “I’ve got news for you Ms Markle: you’re in the firm now, and that means doing your duty when it is required.

“By staying at home, then turning up all bright and cheerful the moment Trump left, she displayed a woefully selfish disregard for royal duty.”

While we’re sure plenty of people disagree with Piers, a source has commented on Meghan’s appearance at Trooping, and the decision for her not to attend any Trump-related events.

The royal source explained that Trooping the Colour on Saturday was a family event, and an ocassion to honour the Queen – which is different to a formal state dinner with a head of state, which is more considered work.

Royal commentator Robert Hardman explained the distinction on Sky News recently, saying, “”The problem with anything royal is you set a precedent.

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“If you suddenly come out of maternity leave to attend a dinner for the President of the United States and this charity or another event may be offended you are not there.

“There’s a fairly straightforward rule – family events are one thing, official engagements are another.”

The Duchess of Sussex spoke out openly against President Trump before marrying into the royal family, calling him ‘divisive’ and ‘mysogynistic’.

Of course now, as a member of the royal family, Meghan is required to remain somewhat neutral on political matters.