Ever the controversial star, Piers Morgan has managed to spark a national wide debate once again.

In fact, the 53-year-old has now become the leading voice for a community outraged over sausage rolls…

After high street bakery Gregg’s announced their new vegan sausage roll, Piers had taken to social media to condemn the chain for behaving like “PC-ravaged clowns”.

Having received a huge amount of online attention following his rather extreme reaction, Piers finally met his match whilst presenting today’s edition of Good Morning Britain.

Joining co-host Susanna Reid on his daily presenting gig, Piers had received a rather unwelcome visit from a very special guest – a vegan sausage roll!

Challenged with the task of trying one of the plant-based bakes, the controversial telly star could barely hide his disgust as he chowed down on the bite.

After breaking the roll apart, Piers complained: “They stink!”

Attempting to chew the baked good, he looked visibly disgusted – reaching for a bin before retching audibly into it.

Complaining about the bite, Piers told audiences: “It absolutely stinks and tastes disgusting. Why would anyone eat this?”

After managing to regain composure, he then ranted: “There are not three-and-a-half million vegans in this country, think about it, when did you last see one?”

The dramatic segment has left followers divided – with some complaining that Piers had “made a mockery” of Veganism.

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The wait is over… 3.1.19 #vegansausageroll 🌱😍

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“Veganism is made a mockery of. Whether you’re vegan for the rights of animals, environmental reasons or even diet, don’t be affected by this blatant and childish propaganda,” one user shared.

Agreeing, another user added: “We have food banks across the country, people sleeping & starving on streets yet #Gmb think it’s a laugh to waste a load of fresh meat on a pretend market stall under studio lights just so @piersmorgan can moan about #vegansausageroll.’

“Anyone that acts that way over food is childish and attention seeking. Even if he didn’t like it the taste is not that strong to make him do that. It’s irresponsible,” posted a third.

However, others have found the funny side of the fiasco…

“Watching Piers Morgan arguing about veganism is too funny,” shared one.

Agreeing, another added: “Piers Morgan eating a breaky on GMB has made my morning…”