The show will look very different to previous years...

Viewers loved Dancing on Ice when it first hit our screens in 2006, but the programme’s scheduling left many frustrated.

Co-presenter Phillip Schofield told the press that the much-anticipated comeback series left fans with one little niggle during it’s original run – but reassured that the problem has now been fixed.

Announcing a big change to the show’s format, Phil shared that it now won’t have a separate results show, as the show used to have before being cancelled four years ago.

Previous Dancing on Ice shows aired the main episode on a Sunday night, followed by a break for another programme before returning to screens for the Skate Off results show.

Phillip stressed how ‘essential’ it was to tighten up the show’s format and how delighted he was with the changes.

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“We’ve made mistakes in the past, and this was one of the things that I was discussing two years ago, is that we had a number of parents who were unhappy that we finished so late with the skate-off,” he said.

“We’d have the main show and then we’d have Wild at Heart or whatever, and then we’d have it on later – which meant that the kids, if they were young kids, could watch the beginning of the show but they could never find out what happened at the end.

“So the parents would have to record it.

“It’s on at 6pm. It’s a two-hour show, so we’ll be done by 8pm.”

“There is no skate-off show. It’s all wrapped up in the same show,” he said. “For me, that is an essential thing that we got right – that it is a two-hour, compact show, that your family can sit down and watch, and that it’s wrapped up at a sensible time because it’s a school night.

“So that will hopefully sway people who used to say it was too late.”

Phillip also revealed that there will be big screens and projections on the ice to give a “fully immersive” scene for the celebrities to perform in front of.

“I think it will be sensational,” he said.

We can’t wait to see it!