She's breaking all the rules....


How to make the perfect cuppa has been an ongoing debate for what feels like forever. Milk before water? Sugar after water? Water then teabag?

The combinations are never ending, but it seems as though Nigella Lawson has her tea making skills, down to a Tea (we couldn’t resist!)

But her technique is somewhat controversial. Nigella likes the leave the teabag in, and not just while she adds her milk. It stays in there for the entirety of the time she’s drinking it. Now we’re no tea connoisseurs, but this seems a little outside the box.

Nigella fans may love her cooking style, but are some rather offended by this particular revelation.

‘That’s disgusting,’ one said. While another commented, ‘The tea bag will produce a funny flavour if it goes cold, as a chef she should know this?’ But hey, who are we to judge?

Miss Lawson clearly enjoys it, also admitting she has around 12 cups of tea a day. She calls herself a “complete nightmare, I am incredibly precise and I know exactly how I want it.

“I like it very strong with some milk in it and I have to have it at the optimum temperature, which is just after it’s too hot but before it gets anywhere near room temperature”.

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