Pamela Anderson has revealed she once had a female stalker break in and secretly live in her home for three days.

The fan managed to get into the Baywatch star’s Los Angeles home in 2001 and found an unused guest bedroom to sleep in.

Pammy finally discovered the intruder when she went to clean the room out three days later and found her sleeping in the bed wearing her iconic red Baywatch swimsuit.

The fan had also written Pammy a letter saying, ‘I am not a lesbian, I just want to touch you.’

Pamela told the creepy tale as she appeared on Piers Morgan’s Life Stories.

Speaking to the Good Morning Britain host, she revealed, “I have had some dangerous ones who have come to my house.

“I found a woman once in my bed. She broke in and was living in my guest room for three days.

“My mother was coming to LA for surgery and my dad came and I was preparing a room for him and there was a woman in there with bleach blonde hair and she was wearing a Baywatch bathing suit tucked in bed. She had written a letter saying, ‘I am not a lesbian, I just want to touch you.’

“She was wearing my bathing suit.”

Despite police insisting the stalker wasn’t going to harm her, Pammy – who was living with her two sons at the time – was left terrified by the incident and immediately increased security.

“She came from a nice family,” Pammy continued.

“The police said she was a woman and was not going to hurt me but I said, “Of course she could.”

“I was there alone with my two sons at the time. It was terrifying. They gave me 24-hour security after that.”

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