We may remember her as C.J Parker in that TINY red Baywatch swimsuit, but 50-year-old Pamela Anderson proved she’s absolutely still got it,  as she she slipped into a Playboy bunny-esque leotard and fishnet tights for a German TV show

Check her out…

You maybe wondering why Pammy is prancing about in next to nothing, but it’s all because she is currently on the House Of Mystery tour with Dutch illusionist Hans Klok, where she acts as his assistant.

Part of the tour involved her appearing alongside the magic man on German TV show, ZDF Fernsehgarten.

And doesn’t she look great!

Pamela and Hans kicked off their tour in December last year, and have since delivered performances across Germany.

She recently appeared on UK TV show, Life Stories where she gave host Piers Morgan an insight into her love life.

The activist spoke candidly about the men in her life as she hinted at past relationships with the likes of Vladimir Putin, 65.

She also discussed Julian Assange, 46, Sylvester Stallone, 71, and also discussed her footballer beau, Adil Rami, 32.

Speaking about her alleged relationship with the WikiLeaks editor Assange, Pamela said:

“I met him through Vivienne Westwood and she knew we’d get along very well.

“She thought it was someone important for me to meet and I wanted to ask him how I could be more effective as an activist.

“He’s obviously ruffled a few very powerful people’s feathers so when I met him we just got along very, very well and I always wanted to support him so I bring him lunch; I bring him vegan lunches.”

When asked whether she would deny any romantic relationship with with Julian, Pamela started: “Well, I mean this is something I definitely… I think…”

Not happy with her dodging, Piers insisted: “It’s kind of yes or no Pamela. You either have or you haven’t, which one is it?”

Pamela explained: “He’s a prisoner, it’s kind of difficult to have a relationship with somebody. I adore him I think he’s fantastic and I love our time together but…”

She has since refused to say anymore. We’re sure she caught his attention with this new look though!