It has been reported that Paddy McGuinness has moved out of the family home he shares with wife Christine, in order to give her time to think about their future.

29-year-old Christine was left devastated, after pictures emerged of Paddy cosying up to 90s star Nicole Appleton.

According to The Sun, “She has told him she needs some space and time to think about what to next for the best.”

The couple share their Cheshire home with their three children, Leo and Penelope, both 4, and Felicity, 1.

Reportedly, Christine has been left ‘distraught’ by the pictures of the Take Me Out host and the All Saint’s star, and want’s to keep talking to her husband, but needs a breather.

Last weekend, Nicole Appleton and Paddy were spotted arm-in-arm after a night out.

Model Christine was then spotted sobbing in her car over the weekend – presumably, soon after the news broke.

Following the revelation though, both Nicole and Paddy appeared to have snubbed one another on social media, after it was reported that Nicole had liked many of his online pictures.

Nicole was reported to have liked 124 photos of Paddy over the last 1o months – prompting speculation about the nature of their relationship. But now, she too has unfollowed the Take Me Out host on social media.

After the news broke, Paddy’s wife Christine sparked concern amongst her followers after sharing some very cryptic posts on social media following the revelation, writing how she “deserves so much more”.

Mum-of-three Christine, 29, took to Twitter following the emergence of the photos, writing, ‘When you realise you deserve so much more.. that’s not a bad thing,’.

She then took to Instagram a day later to share a quote credited to Marilyn Monroe reading, ‘I believe everything happens for a reason. People change so you can learn to let go, things go wrong so that you can appreciate then when they’re right.

‘You believe lies so that you will eventually learn to trust no one but yourself, and sometimes good things fall apart so better things can fall together.’

The model’s messages caused some worry for her fans who were quick to send her their well wishes.

‘Hope you are ok @mrscmcguinness,’ one follower commented, whilst another wrote: ‘Your amazing beautiful mum keep your head up we’re all supporting you stay strong.’

It comes after Paddy hinted to his Twitter fans on Saturday morning that he was still feeling a little worse for wear from the night before.

‘Morning! On my way to @SoccerAM can’t beat a bit of live telly after a night on the lash!’ he posted.

When a fan asked ‘Are you still a bit sqiffey [sic]?’, the Take Me Out host replied, ‘Very much so!’

Paddy hasn’t posted anything on his accounts since Saturday.

The funnyman has been married to Christine since 2011 and they share twins Leo and Penelope, 4, and younger daughter Felicity, 1.

Paddy and Christine revealed last year that both Leo and Penelope were diagnosed with autism in November 2016, and Christine spoke in a moving Instagram post of how she’d encourage them to ‘embrace’ the condition.

From our sister site CelebsNow. Words by Anna Francis.