He’s used to saying ‘no likey, no lighty’ as host of ITV dating show Take Me Out but Paddy McGuinness hints he’s feeling ‘no likey’ about his new haircut – after he was left horrified by the finished look.

The 44-year-old dad of three, to twins Leo and Penelope, five, and daughter Felicity Rose, one, who he has with wife Christine, shared a personal dilemma to his social media followers when he uploaded a snap of his new hair cut.

He captioned the image, “Asked for a little tidy up around the edges at the barbers this morning. This is what I got. More patches than a Boy Scout on camp week! Cheers @prestburyvillagebarber

While some fans were supportive, one saying, ‘Think it’s time to find another barber @mcguinness.paddy more patches that a patch work quilt son,’

Others were quick to poke fun at the TV star. One wrote, “Too be honest Paddy, it’s not that bad, i’d be more worried about the bigger bald patch that is appearing on the back of your head that won’t grow back @keithlemon could always lend ye some of his to fill in the blanks,” another said, “Umm that could be your grey pad, sorry mate but a bit of Grecian 2000 would sort that right out’ and a third said, “This made me laugh so much as my kids went on Cub camp this weekend and got a lot of badges”

One fan was unhappy about the way Paddy has complained about his hair cut, they wrote, “If you look at their insta page….it seems to be their style tbh. A bit harsh calling them out. If you have an issue bring it up with them not here given your following. Very childish and passive aggressive. Disappointing @mcguinness.paddy

And another pointed out it wasn’t Paddy’s first trip to the salon and think he should have handled the situation differently, writing, “But if you look at their pics paddy has been there before. He could ruin there business now 🙁 all he had to do was say to them rather than air it on social media as he is an icon more people will see.”