These two look to be getting on a lot better now...

It’s safe to say that Paddy McGuinness and wife Christine have had a rocky few months.

Following Paddy’s night on the tiles with Nicole Appleton, we bet things were pretty frosty in the McGuinness house.

But now the pair look determined to put it all behind them, sharing a candid snap of themselves cosying up in their marital bed.

Both Christine and Paddy shared the images – in which both are seemingly completely naked – tucked up in bed. Christine sported mussed up bedhead hair and Paddy looked relaxed in a pair of dark-rimmed reading glasses.

Christine’s make-up looks still in tact – presumably from the Twinkle Ball, which they attended together on Saturday night.

But that’s not all the frisky pair treated us to! In the next snap, shared by Christine, she can be seen kissing her husband’s shoulder – who looks pleased as punch to be cuddled up in bed with his beautiful wife.

They also shared another photo – with Christine’s bling standing out prominently – presumably with the help of a special filter.

Fans loved the snaps, commenting in their droves how happy the couple look together, with a few cheeky suggestions that Paddy has done rather well for himself with Christine.

Good to see you two looking so loved up!