The Voice star has been refreshingly candid about his feelings - as well as addressing those Melanie Sykes romance rumours for the first time..

Chatting to The Sun in a recent interview, the star said that moving on from his ex Francesca Thomas has been a “struggle”.

Especially since learning she’s moved on herself…

“God, you hear your ex has got engaged to someone else… it hurts. I mean, it’s never a nice thing to hear.”

Olly Murs’ ex Girlfriend got engaged to her fiancée (who is coincidentally named Ollie – ouch!) at a hotel in New York towards the end of 2017.

I’m a lover not a fighter 😝

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Speaking about it for the first time, Olly said that he was sure she would have felt the same if the tables were turned.

“I’m sure if I’d gone through the same cycle she has and met someone and got engaged, then she’d be thinking the same.

“She’s moved on. I have to accept that.”

It sounds as though poor Olly is finding it hard to move on himself though, as he explained, “Francesca left a big mark on my heart. She was my first proper girlfriend during this whole mad life which changed everything for me.

“Of course there’s part of me that misses what we had and what we went through. But life moves on, she’s moved on and I need to do the same. I’m trying to.”

The Troublemaker singer split from property manager Francesca in late 2015, after dating for nearly 3 years. Since then, his love life has been chock full of speculation, with former X Factor star Diana Vickers and his X Factor co-host from 2015, Caroline Flack, both rumoured to have had flings with the singer.

More recently, Olly was rumoured to be dating TV and Radio presenter Melanie Sykes, 14 years his senior, but the romance is thought to have fizzled out around about December.

Mel has been defiant against rumours, posting THIS sassy Instagram…

To all Those writing shite about me & my life. This is what a single, happy, healthy, 47yrs old independent mother of two teenage sons looks like. DEAL WITH IT!

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When asked, Olly seemed reluctant to talk about the headlines surrounding the two.

“Yeah… it was a shock when that came out because I haven’t seen Mel since May. We’ve had the odd text, but I’ve not seen her.”

But he soon conceded, offering, “At the start of the year we had a bit of a fling, but that’s all it was.

“We went out a couple of times and had a few drinks. It was a bit of fun. I wouldn’t say we were dating, but we get on well. She came to my tour, we had a bit of a laugh and it was never anything serious.

But what about the future? Surely he will want to settle down at some point?

Though the star admits he does “miss having a partner in crime”, the idea of a serious relationship seems too much to handle right now.

“I’ve had a really difficult couple of years. I’m not even ready to have a girlfriend.

“I’m not in the right frame of mind for it. I’ve not met the right girl, and maybe I’m still dwelling on the past.”

All hope is not lost though, as Olly did admit he has “been dating, seeing people…”, musing; “something will come along when I least expect it.”

And for now, Olly is keen to concentrate on his amazing new gig as a judge on The Voice.

Keen to chat about his new job, Olly said, “The Voice has been amazing, really incredible and a breath of fresh air. I was actually looking forward to having four months off and going travelling.

“I was going to email Ed Sheeran, cos me and Ed chat, to pick his brains on where to go and get a bit of me-time. But then The Voice came along and I couldn’t say no.”

It seems like life isn’t too bad after all. Best of luck Olly!

Words: Molly West