OliviaColmanOlivia Colman is pregnant!

The Broadchurch actress – who has sons Finn, 9, and Hal, 7, with her husband Ed Sinclair – is expecting her third child and admitted she still has “quite a few months to go” before she gives birth to the little one.

She told the Daily Mirror newspaper: “I’m pregnant with baby number 3. We’re all very excited.”

The 41-year-old actress’ house is currently full of Smarties as Olivia admitted she cannot get enough of the sugar-coated chocolate sweets when she is pregnant.

“I’m obsessed with Smarties,” she added.

While Olivia and novelist Ed are very happy to be expecting their third child, the actress admitted her pregnancy means she will is unable to appear in a big screen version of short film The Karman Line in the near future, but if director Spike Lee was keen to wait until the end of the year she would be interested.

She said: “I love Spike Lee and would certainly take his call, but he’ll have to wait a while before we start anything.

“I’ve got quite a few months left to go, so – if he’s still interested at the end of the year – we can talk. But it’s very flattering that he even suggested it.

“Obviously, the baby is my priority and we’re all very excited. I’m very fortunate that work and family are thriving at the same time. I feel very, very lucky.”