Katie Price is never one for being shy but her latest Instagram photo has taken things to a whole new level…

The glamour model caused a stir when she stripped completely NAKED on Sunday to show the world her slightly dodgy-looking fake tan, which she was concerned might be a bit of a fail once she’d washed it off.

In the snap Katie, 39, cups her boobs and pouts for the camera as she stands covered in the product.

‘Oh dear I tried this new fake tan last night I’m going to shower now I hope ends up ok 😂😂🤣🤣,’ the mum-of-five captioned the revealing picture.

As ever with Katie the post has proved pretty controversial and left her fans seriously divided, with some actually a bit concerned about her.

“Katie Hun are you ok? You’ve been doing some strange things lately?” one asked, whilst others expressed concern over Pricey’s slim figure: “Jesus where has your body gone ???”

Some felt that Katie shouldn’t be showing quite so much skin on social media.

“Kate, your kids see these pictures. Have a bit of decency and class eh? I know your trying to be funny but it’s just desperate,” one follower wrote.

Another said: “Oh dear!!! Put it away please…!!”

Meanwhile one commented on the appearance of her fake tan: “Looks like dog poo smeared over u. Lol hope it looks ok after 😃 @officialkatieprice”

Oh dear. Many of Pricey’s fans found it all pretty funny though.

“Sure you will soon sort it! Made me chuckle though! We all been there!” one posted, whilst another added: “I love how honest you are . Strong mumma , business woman and seen really genuinely funny.”

And others had questions about one big aspect of the post…

“I’m more interested in who took the photo ! something you want to tell us katie,” one fan pondered. Hmmm, interesting…

Unfortunately Katie hasn’t given us a glimpse of the after results yet, but here’s hoping that it turned out okay!

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