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Nigella Lawson is one of the most respected TV cooks out there.

Viewers flock to her cooking shows for advice on all things food, and people religiously follow her rules when she advises them on how to run their kitchen.

So when 41-year-old Nigella shared her thoughts on the etiquette of TV dining, we certainly sat up and listened!

As a respected cook, you’d imagine that the idea of eating in front of the telly would be her worst nightmare. But Nigella confessed that she ‘has nothing against’ it – as long as you follow one simple rule.

“I have absolutely nothing against a sofa supper, but I can’t do food that needs a knife and fork.

And even better, “If it can be eaten out of a bowl, I’m very happy to eat while I watch,” she told the Radio Times.

However, she did clarify that she’d always prefer to eat at the dining table if possible. She states that eating at a table ensures she’s more “absorbed” in her meal – which is probably fair…

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However, another popular TV personality has admitted that she’s totally opposed to the idea of TV dining – spoon or not.

Speaking recently at the Cheltenham Literature Festival, Kirstie Allsopp stated how she thinks the growing decline of dining tables is becoming ‘dangerous’. The Location, Location, Location presenter told the audience, “I think it’s dangerous. Genuinely, I can’t overstress that,”

She continued to stress that the trend of not eating altogether at the table could be contributing to mental health issues, as you’re no longer “sitting down as a family talking about things.”

But outspoken Kirstie also recognised that smaller family homes is contributing to the TV dinner trend.

She said, “One of the reasons it’s happening is that modern homes are smaller.

“They get smaller and smaller and smaller and it’s awful. We have a situation where you have all these homes with bedrooms with en suite bathrooms but no tables.

“You don’t learn to share anything. You don’t learn to have a communal space, you never sit around the table together.”

Renowned baker Mary Berry has previously shared her thoughts on the TV dinner vs. dining table debate. Earlier this year, she confessed that she no longer uses her dining room, saying “We have given up our dining room finally.”

However, she didn’t clarify whether or not that means she eats her supper in front of an episode of Eastenders though…

What do you think? Do you reckon a TV dinner is acceptable if you use a spoon? Or do you agree with Kirstie, and reckon we should scrap the idea of TV dining altogether? Let us know your thoughts!