Original domestic goddess Nigella Lawson is now back on our screens with a new series, Nigella: At My Table.

Her brand new show is packed with simple recipes full of complex flavour; food we can all bring to our own tables that is vibrant and varied yet always relaxed.

Here, the popular cook tells us all about her cooking inspirations, the best home-cooked meal she’s ever had, and why she never watches other cookery shows…

What makes Nigella: At My Table different to your previous shows?

Nigella: “It’s always essential to me to share the food I love, show how it is cooked, say what it means to me, and just speak from the heart.”

Do you watch many other cookery shows?

“No, because I neither want to be influenced by others nor do I want to be noticing elements that might have rubbed off from my shows.”

Who was your cooking inspiration growing up?

“My mother. But in terms of TV, the real treat was to be allowed to watch The Galloping Gourmet, Graham Kerr! I can’t say he was an influence, but I remember loving the show. As a young adult, I also watched Claudia Roden’s programmes and I’m thrilled Giorgio Locatelli is on television more now. And I love Nigel Slater.”

Would you ever judge on a TV cookery competition?

“A couple of years ago, I was a guest judge on MasterChef Australia and I found it inspiring – even though I don’t see cooking as a competitive sport at all.”

What’s the best home-cooked meal you’ve been served?

“It was at a Korean friend’s house for her birthday and her mother cooked the most spectacular feast. There were the most wonderful mooli-radish kimchi plus ribs and barbecued meats cooked on burners at the table.”

Nigella: At My Table is on Mondays 8.30pm, BBC2