TV chef Nigella Lawson could be the latest contestant to join the line up for I’m a Celebrity Australia, as clues from one of the show’s teasers seem to point to the 59-year-old.

Nigella Lawson Im a Celebrity

In it show co-hosts Julia Morris and Chris Brown reveal that a “domestic goddess”, “Master of the kitchen” and “outspoken TV personality” will enter the jungle this Sunday for the next instalment of the show.

Fans of the series responded to the Twitter post in their droves with many believing that the description fitted Nigella to a tee.

One wrote, “Has to be Nigella”

While another added, “Is it @Nigella_Lawson ❤?!!!!!!!!!!”

However, others remained unconvinced:

One user wrote, “Obviously hinting nigella but there’s no way on god’s green earth.”

A second added, “Deffo justine schofield.”

Nigella Lawson Im a Celebrity

Nigella appears to tick all the above boxes. As well penning a cookbook called How to be a Domestic Goddess, as she’s been a guest on Masterchef Australia and has hit out on a number of topics including the use of airbrushing by US TV companies.

And to further confuse fans, the chef also took to Twitter to yesterday to announce that she’ll be doing a tour of Australia and New Zealand shortly.

Justine Schofield is also one of the key culinary faces in Australia and hosts TV show Everyday Gourmet and was also a past contestant on Masterchef Australia.

I’m a Celebrity Australia is actually filmed in South Africa, and this year marks the fifth season of this version of the show.

Like the UK instalment, contestants will battle creepy crawlies and challenging jungle tasks as well as having to get accustomed to sleeping under the stars.

We can’t wait to see how this unfolds, and we wonder how Nigella would react to a diet of jungle bugs should she make an appearance?