Celebrity First Dates was back on Thursday evening and it saw famous faces Sinitta, Roman Kemp and Matt Terry search for love.

But while the show gave us serious feels, it was eighties pop star Sinitta who attracted the most attention as many viewers accused her of lying about her age.

Simon Cowell‘s long-term BFF sat down with perfect gentleman, Nick at the show’s fancy restaurant to enjoy a romantic dinner date all in aid of Stand Up To Cancer.

But during her introduction, a caption on the screen flashed up said she was 48-years-old.

Celebrity First Dates

Sinitta’s age flashed up as 48 during Celebrity First Dates [Channel 4]

Unfortunately, this didn’t go down well with eagle-eyed viewers who accused the star of knocking years off her age.

‘Sinitta age 48 First Dates @Channel4 Nice try #firstdatessu2c’, one slammed.

Another said: ‘Love how Sinitta had zero shame in lying about her age on First Dates’.

While a third asked: ‘Is Sinitta lying about her age? #FirstDates’.

And they weren’t the only ones…

And it looks like viewers could be on to something, as according to Wikipedia Sinitta is actually 54-years-old..

Although the singer has previously spoken out about her age, claiming that it often gets changed online by fans.

‘I look myself up on Wikipedia, usually just to see my age,’ the mum-of-two told The Sun.

‘It’s an ongoing battle, because someone keeps changing it – so we have to log on again and change it almost every day.’

While it’s not clear whether Sinitta was aware of the age blunder or whether it was down to the producers, we’re still none the wiser as to how old the star actually is…

Elsewhere in the show, Sinitta’s date with Brighton-born Nick got off to a rocky start when it became clear that he had absolutely no idea who she was.

Celebrity First Dates

Sinitta’s date didn’t know who she was [Channel 4]

Talking to his celeb date, Nick asked: ‘You’re a performer? A singer? For a particular band or company?’

To which Sinitta replied: ‘Um, in the ’80s I had a big pop career…’

C’mon Nick, you MUST have heard So Macho?

FROM: Our sister site, CelebsNow. Written by Naomi Bartram.