We’ve all faced that slightly awkward situation, when you find you don’t particularly warm to a family member’s spouse.

But more than likely, you’ve probably kept your mouth shut – if they like them, that’s all that matters right?

However, it seems Loose Women’s Nadia Sawalha hasn’t quite had the same approach in the past, as she’s confessed that extreme measures she’s gone to to get rid of some her sister’s past boyfriends.

Live on the ITV show, Nadia made the outrageous admission that, in the past, she paid off two of her sister Dina’s boyfriends, as she thought they were “no good”.

Speaking to her bemused fellow panellists, Nadia shared, “I once paid my sister Dina’s boyfriend to leave the country.

“I was a lot more interfering back then. It worked! He left because he is no good for her.”

Nadia’s fellow panellists almost couldn’t believe their ears, falling apart in fits of giggles following Nadia’s strange confession.

She also confessed that she went on to do the exact same with another of Dina’s boyfriend, after getting rid of the first one.

Nadia also made the admission that she was inspired to make the tough decision by Joan Collin’s Dynasty character – who certainly bared no bones about making ruthless decisions!

She continued, “Dina then went to what she thought was the complete opposite. But he was lazy and controlling.

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“I was watching a lot of Dynasty at the time. And I thought, ‘what would Joan do?’ So I paid him and he went off too!”

#WhatWouldJoanDo – new life motto, anyone?

The audience were also left in tears of laughter too – with many unable to believe what they were hearing.

Dina, 54, is the eldest of Nadia’s sisters and the pair also have another sibling, Julia. It’s thought that Dina, who keeps a low media profile, works at Nadia’s husband Mark’s production company.

The revelation comes just after Mark confessed that he considered divorcing Nadia during her menopause.

In a video on her Instagram, Nadia shared, “Mark said there was a point in my menopause when he thought about divorcing me.

She went on to confess that she was “utterly blindsided” by the revelation.