“utterly blindsed”

Loose Women presenter Nadia Sawalha has always been something of an open book when it comes to the ups and downs of her 15-year marriage to husband Mark Aderley.

Last year the 53-year-old revealed that she came close to calling time on her relationship with her TV producer partner following his ongoing battle with alcoholism.

Issuing an ultimatum in a bid to keep her family – which includes daughters Maddie, 14, and Kiki-Bee, 9, – together she confessed:

“I said you will not spend another night in this house unless you get help for your alcoholism…

“I knew he had the most incredible heart of gold – the drinking was symptom of other things. He suffered from depression.

“But I knew that I was not going to live with an alcoholic.”

Revealing Mark’s response she continued: “He says thank God I did [give him the ultimatum] as he might not have survived…”

And while the couple are still together, Nadia has now made a revelation about her marriage that may come as a shock to some fans.

Taking to Instagram the daytime TV star posted a video in which she described a revelation Mark made to her doing the recording of their podcast ‘how to stay married so far’.

“Mark said there was a point in my menopause when he thought about divorcing me,” she revealed. Attaching a comment to the post she admitted that she was “utterly blindsed” by her husband’s words and thinks he may have said them by “accident.”

Reacting, her fans had a surprisingly light-hearted response to the video.

liney66 said: ‘I feel like divorcing me too. I’m so cranky and my husband needs a medal. I just want it to end now. I have 3 weeks of severe PMS then 1 week feeling euphoric. Is this normal? I’m 47!’

While sally_cant added: ‘Ha ha sounds like my hubby.’

The mum-of-two has been searingly honest about her experience with the menopause, opening up about everything from menopause-related insomnia to hair loss and bladder weakness.

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Nadia – we admire your honesty!