Nadia Sawalha’s sister, Julia, has slammed the Loose Women star in a furious Twitter rant.

Earlier this week, 54-year-old Nadia opened up about her relationship with her younger sister, who is best known for her role as Saffy in the Nineties British sitcom, Absolutely Fabulous.

Getting tearful on the ITV panel show, the former EastEnders actress spoke out about her and Julia’s bond, admitting that they have been through some turbulent times.

She said: ‘My mum got pregnant with Julia and I was so excited as there are four years between Julia and I, and my mum then had her and freaked out so sent me away to my grandmothers.

‘But there you go. And so I think because of that, my younger sister and I have always had a really stormy relationship. She’s totally amazing.’

With tears filling her eyes, Nadia admitted that although she and Julia have had tough times, they have shared some wonderful ones too.


‘Sorry, it’s emotional. She’s amazing my sister, but we’ve always had a really volatile relationship and have always had periods of time in our lives where we don’t speak.

‘But I also have the worst time or best time in my life with her.’

Following the emotional outpour, Julia took to Twitter to slate Nadia, writing: ‘So tired of #nadiasawalha talking about our ‘stormy’ relationship which she created.

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‘Ive kept my privacy for 6 years to protect my family, whilst she talks lies&rubbish.You have destroyed our family so don’t sit on TV with your fake tears to gain sympathy & attention.’

As her followers offered words of support, Julia continued: ‘I have allowed someone else to carry the narrative for 6 years… my pressure cooker blew today, I’m only human. Much love to you for your understanding.’