We would be feeling stressed too...

Loose Women presenter Nadia Sawalha has only been using Instagram stories for over a week, but she’s already given fans a sneak peek inside her home, but it’s not what we were expecting…

The 52-year-old TV presenter showed fans what she had to tackle at the weekend – and it wasn’t pretty.

It was a room filled with clothes and coat hangers strewn on the floor – in fact the room was so untidy, Nadia couldn’t bear to hold her phone camera still, instead she flashed it around in a hurry to show the chaos of what was in front of her, hence these blurry screen shots.

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Loose Women

The mum-of-two tried explaining to viewers that she was tasked with sorting the mess out and it was enough to make anyone give her sympathy.

But surprisingly, it transpired that mess was made by her – rather than her children.

Loose Women

Shopping and storage bags can be seen piled up on the floor, with a rail full of clothes above. Meanwhile, as the camera panned to the floor there was a lot of empty coat hangers laid, which is a sign that there are lots of clothes left to re-hang. We’re not sure how Nadia has ended up with a room so messy, but judging by the amount to tidy up, we have a feeling that it will take a while…..

Nadia, who is new to using the social media platform, has previously practised her camera blogging skills with the help of her children, Maddy, 14, and Kiki-Be, nine. She filmed them and her (very cute) dogs over the weekend while the family were out and about.

Loose Woman

Let’s hope she’s taken time to put her phone down and tidy this mess…