Nadia Sawalha is never one for holding back and she caused an almighty stir during Friday’s edition of Loose Women by drinking her own urine.

The panellist dared to carry out the challenge as the ladies discussed urine therapy, which involves downing wee for supposed health benefits.

Nadia, 53, said she’d only do it if show producer Ashley would and he bravely rose to the challenge on video link, sparking cheers from the studio audience.

Following this Nadia stuck to her word and knocked back a cup of her own bodily fluids, causing her to scrunch her face up before raising her arms in triumph.

Fellow panel member Denise Van Outen was left nearly gagging as she cringed: “There’s bits in it!”

There was a small bit of urine left in the container and Nadia teased Denise by asking if she’d “put her finger in it”.

A horrified Andrea McLean then yelped: “Put a lid on it, you can’t ask someone to put their finger in your wee!”

Nadia wasn’t alone in trying out urine therapy as her close pal Kaye Adams – who was absent from the Loose Women studio panel – drank her own wee via video link from her home in Glasgow.

The ladies weren’t convinced that it was actually urine and argued that it looked more like water, but Kaye later phoned in to confirm that it definitely was her pee.

“You’re very hydrated, Kaye!” Andrea told the Scottish presenter.

Viewers at home were left shocked by the scenes, with one commenting on Twitter about the challenge: “I couldn’t have done it!!”

Another posted: “There must be so many people watching TV with their hands over their mouths ! #loosewomen”

Nadia had revealed earlier in the show that her “sister’s friend gargles it and puts it on her wrinkles” after Andrea explained that urine therapy is said to “detox your entire body while curing it of any illnesses”.

We think we’ll pass on it for now!