Nadia Sawalha has revealed why she’s so fed up of the hot weather – it’s causing her to put on weight.

The 53-year-old Loose Women presenter lost three-and-a-half stone in weight when she made a fitness DVD in 2010 called From Fat to Fab, but fast-forward eight years and Nadia admits she’s started to pile on the pounds and blames the weather for her unhealthy habits.

Speaking to fans on her social media, Nadia uploaded a video of herself at home in which she lists everything that she hates about the UK’s on going heatwave.

“Right guys I know you’re going to hate me for this but I’ve had enough of the weather and I want it to go back to normal, to what it’s normally like… normally like in the summer, it’s all a bit warm and a little bit of sun and it’s all really nice but you can still sleep at night and you don’t feel you’re allowed to have three Magnums a day and drink rose wine all weekend and have bloody barbecues all the time where I’m eating burgers and chips. I’m larding on the weight…my legs are rubbing together because I’m so blooming hot all the time.”

But Nadia, who is mum to two daughters – Maddy, 15 and Kiki, ten – who she has with husband Mark Adderley, isn’t the only person who the hot weather has been affecting.

She continued: “I can’t sleep at night. The kids are miserable. The kids are moaning. It’s all fine of you’ve got a lovely swimming pool in the garden and you’re splashing day in day out.”

She added: “Lovely if you’ve got nothing to do and you can just lie around getting a tan but this weather does not suit us or our country. We don’t have powerful ice makers, we don’t have bloody air conditioning, we’re not made for it, we’re not cut out for it.”

Lets hope Nadia can take some time to chill out…